The Liu Law Firm emphasizes several areas of law including civil law, criminal law, and family law.  Our office's extensive experience in each of these areas of law gives us the ability to handle a wide variety of civil, criminal, or family cases.  No matter what your civil, criminal, or family legal matter entails, The Liu Law Firm will work its hardest to resolve your legal matter in your favor.  Please take a look here at The Liu Law Firm's specific areas of practice.  

Our office also encourages professional development of its staff through continuing legal education, including teaching and community involvement in professional associations and civic activities.  

If you would like a free consultation for your civil, criminal, or family law matter, please contact us.  We want to hear from you.  

Recent Successful Cases: 

Successfully defended a client in a civil suit brought by the client's brother and Washington Mutual.  The parties were seeking $500,000 and The Liu Law Firm was able to obtain a nonsuit, resulting in minimal fees for the client. 

Defended clients against lawsuits brought by Chanel and Oakley, which also resulted in a nonsuit with minimal fees for the clients.  

Successfully defended a Los Angeles Detention Officer in a civil suit brought by a released prisoner that accused the officer of sexual assault.  

Successfully defended a local prostitute, and despite a strong case against her, The Liu Law Firm got her placed into an alternative prosecution program which allowed her to keep her record clean.  

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